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  • How can I actually order one of these badass t-shirts?
    Many of the designs shown were created for specific clients or events and were never really intended for sale. There may still be some inventory available, so if you send us a message through the Contact screen we will let you know what is available.
  • How can I hire you to design great stuff for me?
    It's easy! Send us an inquiry using the Contact message-sending thingy and we will start the conversation. We try to make it all so much fun...!
  • Why t-shirts?
    The t-shirt is a wonderful platform for proclaiming one's proclivities, affinities, attitudes, cognitive processing defects, and so much more. Comparitively easy to fabricate and deploy, t-shirts are the best way to become a walking proclamation of the culture's successes or failures.
  • What else do you do?
    We are deeply involved in the design of new typefaces. We consult on a range of sustainability-related topics. We are co-founders of a software startup, Mindhive, Inc., and have recently been awarded our fourth U.S. patent for some seriously cool technology. And we play guitars, ride motorcycles, ponder the origin of the Universe, and await confirmation of the existence of the pentaquark.
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