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About Us

Nope, we are nowhere near as young and hip and cool as these kids are in the stock photo... we are a bunch of old farts who are nevertheless hip and cool, and more importantly, passionate about what we make. We don't wear elephant hats or take selfies... we draw type and make beautiful (we think) stuff to delight our clients and the marketplace.


The lead rocketeer here at Bent Rocket Designs is Bill Hilson, a surviving veteran of the design wars and a 28-year veteran professor of communication design at Brooklyn's famous Pratt Institute. He loves the smell of ink in the morning, and find today's photons to be frail and lacking compared to those of his youth. Bill rides Italian and Japanese motorcycles, plays exquisite guitars made by dead luthiers, vastly prefers tubes over solid-state, and can still find his natural point-of-aim.

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